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Perfect Order versus the Timeless Way of Building
 in Aier, S., Schönherr, M. (Hrsg.), Unternehmesarchitekturen und Systemintegration; ISBN -3-936771-50-2, GITO Verlag Berlin, November 2005


Managing Application Portfolios in Merger Situations, Wolfgang Keller in: Peter Dadam, Manfred Reichert: INFORMATIK 2004 - Informatik verbindet, Band 1, Beiträge der 34. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), Ulm, 20.-24. September 2004 GI 2004 (Paper as PDF)


EAI in einer Versicherung: Erschließung von Bestandssystemen mit EAI
in Aier, S., Schönherr, M. (Hrsg.) Enterprise Application Integration - Flexibilisierung komplexer Unternehmensarchitekturen
ISBN -3-936771-17-0, GITO Verlag Berlin, Dezember 2003

Enterprise Application Integration
Erfahrungen aus der Praxis (German)
dpunkt Verlag, June 2002

Leseproben: Inhaltsverzeichnis (PDF), Kapitel 1 Einleitung und Überblick (PDF), Kapitel 2 Wann brauchen Sie eine EAI Lösung (PDF), Vorwort (PDF) 

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BOSCHSMALL.GIF (13858 Byte) Object/Relational Access Layers - A Roadmap, Missing Links and More Patterns
Wolfgang Keller, EuroPLoP 1998

Numerous patterns have been written about the design of object/relational database access layers. Looking at the body of pattern literature you will find that some patterns are still to be mined, while there's no generative "one stop" pattern language for the problem domain. This paper provides a systematic roadmap of the patterns in the field. It fills some pot holes on the road towards a full pattern language for object/relational database access layers by providing some missing patterns and links. It focuses on the missing patterns, as writing them all would require integrating some 35+ patterns into a single paper. That's too much for a PLoP paper.

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BOSCHSMALL.GIF (13858 Byte) Mapping Objects To Tables ­ A Pattern Language
Wolfgang Keller, EuroPLoP 1997

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plop3.gif (4794 Byte) Relational Database Access Layer ­ A Pattern Language
Wolfgang Keller, Jens Coldewey, PLoP 1996

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akmal.gif (8901 Byte) Objektorientierte Datenintegration über mehrere Technologiegenerationen
Wolfgang Keller, Christian Mitterbauer (HYPO), Klaus Wagner

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EuroPLoP 2001 A Few Patterns for Managing Large Application Portfolios - Final Proceedings to appear
Wolfgang Keller

Abstract: Merger mania hits the corporate world as a side effect of globalization. Most mergers of companies in the same industries are followed by mergers of their information systems. This paper presents some frequent problems and frequently used solutions to help you manage such information system mergers. 

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EuroPLoP 2000

The Bridge to the New Town -  A Legacy System Migration Pattern (2000) -  EuroPLoP 2000, ISBN 3-87940-775-4
Wolfgang Keller

Abstract: If you manage large application portfolios like for a bank or an insurance you are often faced with the challenge to replace a monolithic application system with newer systems. The Bridge to the New Town is a low risk, incremental migration strategy that allows you to stepwise replace an existing legacy with newer components by "thinning out the legacy" one part after the other. The Bridge to the New Town is a very common migration pattern.

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ploplogo-small.gif (3668 Byte) Some Patterns for Insurance Systems
Wolfgang Keller, PLoP 1998

Building flexible insurance systems that allow short product release cycles is a challenge for many insurance firms. Despite the huge market and the many projects that do near identical things these projects are still a little bit like black magic. There’s virtually no literature around on the topic. This paper provides a collection of patterns that help explain the basic forces and solutions for the design of product driven insurance systems.

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LOGOL97.GIF (1190 Byte) Client/Server Architectures for Business Information Systems
Klaus Renzel & Wolfgang Keller, PLoP 1997

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POLP.GIF (3862 Byte) Multilayer Class
Jens Coldewey, Wolfgang Keller, PLoP 1996

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objekspek.gif (4548 Byte) Objektorientierte Datenintegration - Migrationsweg zur Objekttechnologie
Jens Coldewey, Wolfgang Keller, Objektspektrum Nr. 4/96

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  Wege zu objektorientierten Software-Architekturen
Peter Brössler, Wolfgang Keller, eingereicht für GI-Jahrestagung 1996

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  Software Architectures and Design Patterns in Business Applications (1997): Manfred Broy, Ernst Denert, Klaus Renzel, Monika Schmidt (Eds.)

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)completely available as tech report; Technical University Munich.

  Seliger denn Tippen der C++-Rahmengenerator GenCxx
iX, Multiuser Multitasking magazin, Januar 1995.

The article discribes a program frame generator that takes object oriented specifications as an input for a first cut generation of class headers and member function frames for C++. Trace code, parameter checks and frames for exception handling are generated automatically. The contents of the underlying specification are inserted into the member function headers. The functional part of the code has to be added by hand. The generator also supports a maintenance concept for both, specification and derived code. The discussion contains do's and nodo's for first-cut generation and practical project experiences with the generator GENCXX

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  Spezifikation objektorientierter Benutzeroberflächen Eine Alternative zum Prototyping

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