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rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) NetObjectDays 2005 (site)

Managing Application Portfolios in Merger SituationsNODe Developer

  • 16:30 - 18:00 at 20.09.2005, in track "NODe Developer - Industry '05" [in session "Developer & Industry 3" starting at 16:30 ]

Wolfgang Keller

(AMB Generali Informatik Services GmbH, Munich, Germany)


Today mergers of larger financial institutions are quite common place. You often find conglomerates that stem from a sequence of merger & acquisition activities. In each such case, IT management is confronted with more than one set of applications, often more than one IT service organization and the question is how to deal with such a situation. Typically management likes to reduce cost by migrating to just one application landscape and one IT service organization. This article describes a few observations and patterns how these challenges can be dealt with.

(Slides go here)

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)GDV IT Fachtagung, Köln, 1./2.3. 2005

Von Workflow über EAI zu WebServices: see below - but for this conference in German

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) OOP 2005

OOP 2005 // Mi 16, Wednesday, 26 JAN, 2005

17:15 - 18:15

From Workflow and EAI to Orchestration and Web Services (Slides - pdf)

Wolfgang Keller
Workflow and EAI have been the key to integration not long ago. While some people are thinking in these terms, the software world has moved on to Web Services, Service Oriented Architectures and Orchestration. This talk will give you a summary of the evolution that led to the current view on integration architectures. It gives you an idea of the architectural paradigm shifts in the last two years. The talk will enable you to see what has changed, what remains constant, and where large scale users have still their problem with Web Services based integration. As examples we will use approaches from large vendors. The technologies Web Services, Orchestration, Workflow, EAI, Vitria, IBM Web Sphere Business Integration, SAP NetWeaver, SAP XI will also be addressed in this session.

Target Audience: Software Architects who want to know how the current Orchestration and Web Services hype relates to EAI, Workflow and current product offerings
Prerequisites: General understanding of architectures for large scale business information systems.
Level: Intermediate

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) OOP 2005

OOP 2005 // Do 8, Thursday, 27 JAN, 2005, Software-Architektur-Tag

14:45 - 15:30

Germania versus the Timeless Way of Building: A few remarks on how to sell Enterprise IT Architecture to your Peers and Bosses. (Slides - pdf)

Wolfgang Keller
This talk gives you as an enterprise architect a few hints how to manage the expectations of your peers and bosses. The talk starts with the usual job description of an Enterprise Architect. We propose city architecture and the pattern- based philosophy of the timeless way of building and piecemeal growth. The talk also presents a few rules on how to divide labour between the project architects and the enterprise architects. And finally, on the important topic of business alignment, the talk shows you a few things which are essential at the very beginning of IT alignment.


rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) EAI-Tag des CC-EAI, TU-Berlin, 25.11.2004

EAI Competence Center Perfect Order versus the Timeless Way of Building – A few remarks on how to sell Enterprise IT Architecture to your Peers and Bosses - ähnlich siehe auch OOP

Folien von der OOP (Slides - pdf)

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) GI-Jahrestagung

GI Jahrestagung "Informatik 2004", Workshop "Architekturen verbinden! – Horizontale und vertikale Integration von IT-Systemen und Services in der Praxis"; Vortrag "Managing Application Portfolios in Merger Situations", Donnerstag, 23.09.2004.

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) Some Opinion on the MDA Hype

MDA MDA for the “Olde Boys and Girls” and again No Silver Bullet. Talk prepared for a an event that was finally cancelled but vertheless I'm posting it here as it is somewhat provocative and might be fun for some

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) Pattern Writing Workshop, Leipzig  (Jim Coplien)

September 29th and 30th, 2004. See the site of the workshop

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) Vorlesung "Software Engineering für große, betriebliche Informationssysteme", Universität Leipzig

See the site of the lecture

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) Talk at OOP 2004 on Object Persistence

See conference pages for the program of the whole conference or see the page for the talk.
The talk has also been summed up as an introductory article or you can download the slides

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) Produktserver für alle Sparten und die meisten Prozesse

Euroforum Konferenz "Bestandsführungs- und Produktmanagement-Systeme", Bonn 20.-21.11.2004., Produktserver für alle Sparten und die meisten Prozesse
  • Vision, Idee und Grundkonzepte von Produktservern in VU
  • Grobe Anforderungen an einen Produktserver (unterstützte Sparten, Prozesse, Systeme)
  • Kritische Unterschiede Sach- und Leben 
  • Wie man dieselben Produktserver in der Lebensversicherung verwenden kann
  •  Unterstützung von Meta-Bestandssystemen 
  • Was ist ein Meta-Bestandssystem? 
  • Wie weit ist es implementiert?*
  •  Vom Stand der Technik zum geschlossenen Produktzyklus

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Invited Talk at JAOO 2004 on Object Persistence (September 2003)

 See conference pages for the program of the whole conference. 
That's gonna be some fun after all :-). Slides go here (post conference version will be online soon)

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Diverse Vorträge zu EAI   

Folien zum downloaden siehe www.objectarchitects.de/eai/talks.htm 

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Vorlesung "Software Engineering für große Informationssysteme",
     Sommersemester 2002, Technische Universität Wien

siehe auch Fortsetzung Leipzig 2004

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Erfahrungen mit Patterns

Gastvorlesung TU Wien, 24.4.2002, Folien hier

Zur Seite der Vorlesung

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Tutorial on Architecting Large Business Systems

OOPSLA 2001, Tampa, Florida, Sunday, October 14 – Thursday, October 18. My part will be done by Christa Schwanninger because some people asked me to work some more :-)

For example slides and a few impressions from the last time we did this - see the workshop page. We will change a few things incorporating the feedback from the first time we did the tutorial. Program and Announcement coming soon.

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)EuroPLoP 2001

Kloster Irrsee, 4 - 8 July 2001: don't miss it - see the conference pages

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Beitrag für die Tagung "Bestandsführungssysteme der Assekuranz"

Lecture: "Bestandsführungssysteme und Architekturmanagement"

Köln, 3. und 4. Juli 2001: see the full program 

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Tutorial "Architecture Management at an Enterprise Level"

IT Briefing der it-transfer, Zürich 7.-8.5.2001, 

Description of the Tutorial plus all see slides - see the tutorial's page

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Tutorial on Architecting Large Business Systems

OOP Munich, January 2001.

For the slides and a few pictures from the workshop - see the workshop page

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Tutorial on Choosing Database Technology

OOPSLA 2000, Minneapolis, October 2000

See the OOPSLA announcements - for the slides see Jens Coldeweys pages - sorry - older version, but very similar. 

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Insurance Architectures

Summer 2000

Many VAA and Generali architecture people will be at the upcoming IIR conference "IT Architekturen für die Assekuranz - make or buy", Munich, Germany, July 19 -21, 2000. This one was cancelled anyway after I did the slides :-(

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)EuroPLoP

don't miss EuroPLoP - 5 - 9 July 2000, I hope to be there. 

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) Vienna Pattern Reading Group

is online now - come in an visit p.at - the Vienna Pattern Reading Group at http://www.just4fun.at/patterns/

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Pattern Writing Workshop

There was a free Pattern Writing Workshop, with Christa Schwanninger, Jim Coplien, Jens Coldewey at Vienna University in October 1999.