OOP 2001 and OOPSLA 2001 Tutorial
Architecting Large Business Systems"

by Alan O'Callaghan, Jens Coldewey, Wolfgang Keller

Architecture is one of the key issues in successful software projects. However, there has been little information about how a good architecture is found and how to implement it into a project successfully.
This tutorial teaches best-practices on how to develop both an architectural model and an organizational structure to find and implement a successful architecture for business systems. It addresses both “green-field” and reengineering projects.

A few impressions  ...

The quiet before the workshop. The room is set up so that there is space for lectures and also space for 3 groups of 16 people to work ...

Exercise #1  ... some rough design in 4 groups of 4 (per group of 16). Things start slow :-).

some use good olde CRC cards  ...

Things get lively in the shoot out process, when participants explain their solutions  ...

design exercise  ... on group of 16 splits up into two independant subteams of 8. One group trying an "eXtreme approach" while the other one tries to be more "traditional" ..

Feedback was somewhat split ..

We will improve the format for OOPSLA 2001 in order to give the second group more of what they want, or we might also change the announcement.

What you could experience ...

The design exercise was somewhat frustrating for some but also reflected real project life. The groups who tried to do a design job in a group of 16 experienced in 60 minutes a few very interesting things that you would normally experience in a 1 year project like:

wk, 2001-01-27