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This page contains some links we consider useful for our work cencerning software architecture and patterns. Some of the listed contributors are vendors. We include these links because they contain good information besides their specific products. These links are no rating of any kind concerning the particular product.

[Remark, WK, 2000: Please understand that some of the links are outdated and people have retrieved their stuff from the web or pages might have moved ... If I happen to have too much time ;-) I might recheck them and update them .. but this is a conservation mirror site ... for more actual links see e.g. my 1999 presentation on architectures]

The page also contains some white papers we use for our work. Papers located on this server are published courtesy of the authors. Thanks. None of the below papers have been written by us so we are not responsible for the contents by any means. Copyright subsist on all the papers by the authors. Please contact the authors for any question you have concerning contents or further distribution.

Software Architecture


Object Orientation


Object Databases


To find links for a specific topic you should also try the various search engines: Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos or WebCrawler to search the WWW or DejaNews to scan Usenet Newsgroups. If you're looking for a certain ftp file, try FtpSearch to find the server.

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