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rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)(Java) Have a look at Java Skyline on O/R mapping tools

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)(all o-o languages) CETUS: See this page for products, O/R mappers and also Object Databases. At the time being (11/2001) it might be somewhat outdated.

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)(Java) db4o is a Java OODB that can be used free of charge for non-commercial use. It's creator has also proposed SODA - an API for access layers that is waiting for implementation

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)(VisualBasic) a site that seems interesting if it comes to persistence for Visual Basic by Willy van den Driessche . Did not read it completely, but looks good.

Other papers - not cited in the articles

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)ChiMu has a paper on O/R mapping.

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Object/Relational Mapping Strategies by objectmatter.com

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)to be continued ...


rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)PLoP pages: You can find many more patterns on allmost any subject in software enginnering on the PLoP pages. Some of these links are not very reliable .. my apologies.

PLoP 96 http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/PLoP-96/workshops.html
EuroPLoP 96 http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/europlop-96/writers-workshop.html
PLoP 97 http://st-www.cs.uiuc.edu/users/hanmer/PLoP-97/Workshops.html
EuroPLoP 97 http://www.riehle.org/events/europlop-1997/index.html
PLoP 98 http://jerry.cs.uiuc.edu/~plop/plop98/final_submissions/
EuroPLoP 98 http://www.coldewey.com/europlop98/Program/writers.htm
PLoP 99 http://st-www.cs.uiuc.edu/~plop/plop99/proceedings/
EuroPLoP 99 http://www.argo.be/europlop/
PLoP 2000 http://jerry.cs.uiuc.edu/~plop/plop2k/ 
EuroPLoP 2000 http://www.coldewey.com/europlop2000/index.html
PLoP 2001 http://jerry.cs.uiuc.edu/~plop/plop2001/ 
EuroPLoP 2001 http://www.hillside.net/patterns/EuroPLoP/
more PLoPs after 2001 see http://www.hillside.net/patterns/

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Patterns HomePage: This page is the official/unofficial authority on patterns maintained by the Hillside Group and UIUC.

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)ARCUS: Used to be a project, where many of these patterns originally evolved from.Contains also other patterns in a design cookbook for business information systems..

Other Sites and Misc. stuff

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)http://www.service-architecture.com/object-relational-mapping/: Object-relational mapping articles and products: Free, online articles about object-relational mapping products along with links to product vendors. 

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)for more see the products pages

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