This is a private site, offering patterns, papers and other stuff related to large scale software development to the community.
  Patterns for Object / Relational Database Mapping
Overview, Introductory Article on Persistence for o-o Programs, Overview Article on Patterns for O/R Access Layers, Architecture, EJB Persistence, Wrapping a Database, Performance Tricks, Literature, O/R mapping products, more ...
  Building Insurance Business Information Systems
Resources&Papers, Product Servers, Glossaries, Companies, Universities, People

Papers, Presentations, Talks and White Papers on Patterns, Software Architecture, and Software Engineering Published Papers, Tutorials, White Papers, Talks

  Other stuff Book lists, Pattern Resources, Miscellaneous, ...
The Arcus Project Pages: Patterns for Business Information Systems
Error Handling, Form Based User Interfaces, Relational Database Access, Client Server, Papers, more ..

Vorlesung: Software Engineering für große, betriebliche Informationssysteme
Uni Leipzig Sommersemester 2004 auch TU Wien Sommersemester 2005, TU Wien Sommersemester 2004, Verwendung des Materials in anderen Vorlesungen und alte Versionen TU Wien 2002 und 2003. Pattern Writing Workshop, Leipzig, 29. und 30.9.2004.
EAI - Enterprise Application Integration
Literaturliste; eigenes Buch mit Leseproben, Weitere WebSites (Links), Vorträge, .
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