The Team

and what has happened to them ...

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Dr. Peter Brössler

recently quit sd&m - now works as the CEO for 

Jens Coldewey

has started his own company, Coldewey Consulting

Christoph Hofmann

lost him ...

Wolfgang Keller

used to  be department head at Generali in Vienna and works now for Generali Germany, see his homepage. He's the guy who's always looking for smart people and who spoils these pages with his banners :-)

Ingolf Krüger

is pursuing a career in academia as a researcher at TUM, see Ingolf is quite alive and active, as you see, if you run a search on him

Klaus Renzel

used to be a senior software engineer at sd&m - long time no seen


Monika Schmidt

did leave TUM and we lost her trace

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