Error Handling
A Pattern Language

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This paper informs about design and implementation of error handling facilities in business information systems. It presents a pattern language for the object oriented design of components needed for error handling and also present sample code in different programming languages (C++, Java, Cobol, Smalltalk).

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More from the Introduction

.. The pattern language does not contain ultimate design for error handling. Some patterns result from pattern mining activities among various sd&m projects whereas others reflects own ideas or input from other sources. Thus, it is a recording of a current status; hopefully, the document will mature by your feedback: criticism, suggestions for improvement, known uses which are yet undocumented or even new patterns which should be included - all kinds of comments are welcome.

List of Patterns

To get a better idea of the various patterns and the problems they are related to, we list all pattern names together with page references and questions defining the problems:

Error Object

Exception Hierarchy

Error Traps

Assertion Checking Object


Centralized Error Logging

Error Handler

Default Error Handling

Error Dialog

Resource Preallocation

Checkpoint Restart

Exception Abstraction

Exception Wrapper

Multithread Exception Handling

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