OABigBullet.gif (1201 Byte)Miscelaneous Useful Stuff

Agile Process Stuff, A few NewsGroups, User Interface Design, Project Checklists, Function Points, CGI Programming, EJBs and Java

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Books, People and Ressources on Agile Process

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Jim Highsmith

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Adaptive Software Development

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Alistair Cockburn

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Agile Software Development

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Ed Yourdon

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Managing High Intensity Internet Projects

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Agile Alliance

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)XP as a form of agile process

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Extreme Programming Ressorurces 

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)more ... http://www.extremeprogramming.org/ 

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Ron Jeffries

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)xp newsgroup

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)German page on agile processes (www.b-agile.de)

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Jens Coldeweys Column on Agile Processes in Objekt Spektrum (German)

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Quick access to a few newsgroups

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)comp.databases.object
rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)comp.databases.theory
rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)comp.lang.java.databases
rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)comp.object
rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)comp.lang.smalltalk
rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)comp.lang.java.beans
rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)comp.software-eng

Look for postings on "object relational mapping", ...

News on J2EE - the Serverside

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)User Interface Design

Jens Coldewey's patterns on user interface design

Jenniffer Tidwells user interface patterns

The User Interface Design Net web site.

Wolfgang Keller's paper on user interface specification

Specification of user interfaces using state charts

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Project Checklists by Steve McConnell

see his Project Survival Guide web site.

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Estimating projects using function points

See the Function Point User Groups web site

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)CGI Programming, using Perl

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)The Common Gateway Interface - the original link

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Booklist on CGI Programming

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Webmaster Expert Solutions - complete online book

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Teach Yourself CGI Programming with PERL 5 in a Week, 2E - complete online book

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) Instant Web Scripts with CGI/PERL - complete online book. And a pointer to the guys who provide this at extropia.com - code and code and code ..

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Java,EJBs and EJB Persistence

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) JavaSkyline - a lot of Java related stuff

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) Sun's EJB Homepage

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) Persistence Power Tier - Persistence Framework for EJBs

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) EJB Portal - an information portal on EJB's

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Enhydra Open Source EJB Container Project

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)the beginning of a few pages on EJB persistence

plus the usual stuff like java.sun.com, gamelan.com


rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)EAI - Enterprise Application Integration

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) messageQ - a cluster of EAI related stuff 

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) EAI Systeme - sponsored by Siemens and University of 

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte) eaiforum.de - by Richard Nu▀dorfer, CSA Consulting

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Beyond Objects

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Aspect Oriented Programming Homepage

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Generative Programming

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Multiparadigm Design

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Intensional Programming


rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)Various Useful Stuff

rd_pin.gif (1016 Byte)IBMs red books homepage